Thursday, 26 March 2015

Goodbye to the Ragleth Writers

There are only losers when a group self-destructs and I don't suppose I will ever know exactly what motivated two long-standing members to act in the way they did.  

I supported the Ragleth Writers since 2011 because for me the positives always comfortably exceeded the negatives. I think I contributed as much as anybody to the running of the group although it wasn't always easy as I wasn't a member of the inner circle who all tended to see the group rather more as a social gathering than as a writers group.  

With hindsight the existence of this undemocratic core was always going to be problematic. Although the group was "sold" to me as being a collection of equals the resident alpha-female clearly didn't see it that way! Church Stretton is a small community and the group never seemed to have enough members to dilute her negative influence on all those outside her close-knit clique.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Martin and Claire's new book - "Unusual gravestones"

Unusual gravestones
Martin and Claire Nicholson
About the authors - Martin and Claire Nicholson own one of the largest archives of grave related photographs in the world. A selection of their work appears in the blog "Grave Mistakes" that has had over a quarter of a million hits since it was launched in 2013. Other examples appear in the Facebook group "Social History" where Martin acts as the group administrator.

The authors have viewed millions of gravestones, and are offering readers a selection of the rare and unusual gravestones that they have seen, with full-colour illustrations. Each category of type of gravestone, age of person, cause of death, rare names, and errors found on gravestones are given a points score to indicate rarity.
It is available from Amazon in both the USA and in the UK 

Specimen pages from Amazon previewer